About us

Chann Pardesi Radio Р fastest growing Radio in Midwest. Created to Empower,Support and Reflect the diversity of Chicago. Our Radio Channel is based in various parts of the world and has two separate Radio Channels Punjabi as well as Hindi. It can be listen on www.channpardesi.com OR on www.RadioSpiceBOX.com as well as at +1-832-225-5354


[cq_vc_ihover images=”1848″ thumbtitle=”SARWAN TIWANA” thumbdesc=”+1-219-670-4579″ itemheight=”330″]

[cq_vc_ihover images=”1846″ thumbtitle=”DARSHAN BASRAON” thumbdesc=”+1-815-557-4991″ itemheight=”330″]

Creative Team

[cq_vc_ihover images=”1851″ thumbtitle=”Alka Sharma” thumbdesc=” (Channel Head)” onclick=”custom_link” itemheight=”330″ custom_links=”http://channpardesi.com/artists/alka-sharma/”]

[cq_vc_ihover images=”1859″ thumbtitle=”Joginder Singh Mehra (Goldy Mehra)” thumbdesc=”Developed and Maintenance of Website” onclick=”custom_link” itemheight=”330″ custom_links=”http://channpardesi.com/joginder-singh-mehra/”]

[cq_vc_ihover images=”1973″ thumbtitle=”Janmeja Johl” thumbdesc=”” onclick=”custom_link” itemheight=”300″ custom_links=”http://channpardesi.com/artists/janmeja-johl/”]

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