Radio Spice Box (Chann Pardesi Hindi Radio)


Chicago’s leading Hindi Music Radio Station. 

Launched in March 2012 as Chann Pardesi (Punjabi and Gurbani) by Sarwan Tiwana and Darshan Basraon. Within two weeks of its launch, Chann Pardesi (Hindi) was launched, based on the proposal by Alka Sharma. Since then Chann Pardesi (Hindi) gained a great popularity with broadcasting innovative shows that give it unmatched popular appeal.

 By 2015 this South Asian Radio Channel gained a great deal of popularity. In February, Chann Pardesi(Hindi) was re-launched as Radio SpiceBOX to establish a better reach to Hindi speaking audience under supervision of Alka Sharma. 

 The radio has now entered it’s fourth year.We broadcast 24×7 and we have around 450K-500K listeners per week. Most of our listeners reside in USA – Midwest area and in India, UK and Canada. This station is a one stop destination to melodious songs, Bollywood gossip and news updates. 

 From Retro-classics to Totally Filmy, Radio Spice BOX is full of SPICY shows.

Our RJ’s promise you the BEST, truly living up to its motto – ‘It’s addictive’  – Alka Sharma (Channel Head)


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