WATCH: Rohit Sharma Reveals His Unique Approach For Handling Challenges As India Captain

WATCH: Rohit Sharma Reveals His Unique Approach For Handling Challenges As India Captain


India vs Bangladesh: Team India’s journey has so far been good in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia. The Men in Blue have won two of their first three matches. India lost its maiden match in World Cup after losing to South Africa in a last-over nail-biting thriller. Rohit Sharma & Co. will play their fourth match in T20 World Cup against Bangladesh on Wednesday. If India wins this match, they will almost qualify for the semi-finals. On the eve of India vs Bangladesh T20 World Cup match, captain Rohit Sharma, in an exclusive conversation with Star Sports, revealed about his biggest learning while handling his teammates being the captain.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022’s official broadcast partners Star Sports posted a video on Twitter featuring India skipper Rohit Sharma who admitted that it is not an easy task being the captain. He said every player in the team has a different mindset and different temperaments. Rohit told how he handles things as a captain.

Rohit said in the video, “Different types of people have to be handled because people are not the same. Everyone has different demands, there is a way of thinking, so you have to take everything together and then how you will respond to that is up to you.”

He further said, “The biggest thing that I have learned while captaining is that it is important to give importance to everyone, because everyone should feel that I am a part of this team and an important player. So when someone comes to you with a problem, you have to listen to them and find out what is the best solution for that thing. I think this is a big learning for me while doing the captaincy.”

Rohit Sharma will return to action on Wednesday when India takes on Bangladesh in their T20 World Cup match at Adelaide.

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